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Use this reference guide to fix the most common problems in golf before they ruin your round.

Swing Easy is dedicated to putting the fun back in golf.

If you’ve been playing golf for any length of time then you’re  aware of the ups and downs of this crazy, addictive game.

As an avid golfer of over 50 years, I’ve seen it all. But what bothers me most is people who take the game way too seriously or try so hard they get discouraged, mad, and sometimes quit.  I have the answer.

The Swing Easy Blog will feature the best blog posts full of actionable advice, tips, and food for thought to help you enjoy this wonderful game.

I hope you’ll become part of the Swing Easy family. Together we can “Make Golf Great Again” (sorry, I had to do that).

Every now and then we golfers need to be reminded to Swing Easy, have fun, and enjoy the game. After all, it’s just a game …………………… Right?


Al Trump

Al Trump

Golf Nut

Al Trump is the founder of Swing Easy, where he inspires golfers of all skill levels to enjoy this incredible game.